Beekay Group

The Beekay group comprises of 4 operating companies vertically diversified into automobile sector. Established in 1990, with a small authorized service centre the group has evolved into trustworthy name in the field of automobile parts & lubricant distribution and service domain. It is now geographically diversified group having operations in four states of India and continuously adding feathers to its hat. more

Trendsetters In Automobile Parts Distribution And Retail Business    15 Retail Outlets, 8 Parts Distribution Centre, 2000+ Customers in 196 Cities/Towns, 24 Customer Touch Points, Approx 30K Plus Part Lines & 18 Delivery Vans and 2 Mobile RO Vans

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Parts Distribution Centre at : Lucknow | Ghaziabad | Varanasi | Haldwani | Pune | Kanpur
Retail Outlet of TOP at : Faizabad Road, Lucknow
Retail Outlet of EGP at : Mumbai
Retail Outlets of MGP at : Faizabad Road, Lucknow | Lalbagh, Lucknow | Hardoi Road, Lucknow | Barabirwa, Lucknow | Raebareli | Faizabad | Hardoi | Bahraich | Kashipur | Sultanpur | Rudrapur | Pithauragarh Uttarakhand | Raebareli Road Lucknow | Sitapur | Khatima